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Referral Pathways

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0-5 years

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5-12 years

Teens & Library

13-17 years

Referring Physicians: Services

Information for physicians

Referral Information

We accept referrals by fax (778-475-3613). Please ensure the referral contains:

  • Patient’s name, BC health card number, and date of birth

  • Contact information, including valid phone numbers, and email address

  • Parents’ names

  • All relevant clinic notes, investigations and reports​

  • Your clinic’s contact information, including fax and billing number.

Our office will notify you by fax when the referral is received and once we have booked the appointment with the family.

Wait Time

Please note that these wait times will be affected by obtaining pre-appointment paperwork and questionnaires from the family.

Please indicate on the referral if you feel the matter is urgent and our staff will triage consultations. 

Referring Physicians: Publications
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